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Anti-Terrorism Officer Program: Online

The distance learning version of the S2 Anti-Terrorism Officer (ATO) Program is designed to prepare frontline security and police officers for deployment in environments where terrorism is a critical threat. This program provides an exploration of contemporary terrorist methods and basic anti-terrorism skills and knowledge that all officers should possess.

Topics include:

Introduction to Terrorism • Dynamics of Terrorist Attacks • Protective Counterintelligence/OPSEC • Physical Security and Access Control • Bomb Incident Response • Mail Screening • Chem-Bio Terrorism • Chem-Bio Attack Response • Basic Site Specific Planning


This Internet-based training program includes the following S2 Online Academy lessons:

No. Lesson ID Lesson Title Presentation Time
1 ATR 201 The Anti-Terrorism Officer 18m 5s
2 ATR 102 Introduction to Terrorism 1h 4m
3 ATR 202 Threat: Explosive Devices 3h 3m
4 ATR 203 Threat: Chemical & Biological Terrorism 2h 7s
5 ATR 204 Anti-Terrorism Planning (ATO) 16m 31s
6 ATR 205 Protective Counterintelligence & OPSEC 1h 34m
7 ATR 206 Physical Security & Access Control (ATO) 1h 56m
8 ATR 207 Entry Point Screening 1h 32m
9 SEC 110 Defense Against Hazardous Mailings 1h 49m
10 ATR 208 Response to Terrorist Incidents (ATO) 2h 43m

Total completion time for this course is approximately 18-20 hours.

Testing And Documentation

The final exam for this course is administered online as a 50-question multiple-choice test. Upon completion of the test, the score is automatically graded and documented in the student's "My Courses" transcript (accessible from the "My Account" page). In accordance with S2 Online course policy, the student must complete the online test with a passing score of 80% or better to receive a Certificate of Training. If the student does not pass the test the first time, the student has one opportunity to re-test.

Student Comments

"This course is designed extremely well. I have had a few terrorism / anti-terrorism classes, but none have come close to the intensity and historical background as the S2 course. Your course is what every law enforcement officer should be taking.
  R. Bast
U.S. Department of Treasury
"I thought this course was very well done. The handouts were great and the topics very relevant and up to date with what is currently going on. This is definitely a "must take" course for anyone dealing with physical security/anti-terrorism matters.
  C. Vernieuw
U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine
"This course takes anti-terrorism theory and puts it in a practical perspective. I would rate it very high against the other anti-terrorism training I have had.
  E. Vogt
US DOJ, Federal Bureau of Prisons
"This is the best anti-terrorism course I have taken, even the anti-terrorism courses in college, DoD and the military did not go into this much detail.
  B. Dennis
U.S. Air Force Academy
"The scope and depth of instruction provides an awesome foundation for the development of a career in combating terrorism. I know the investment I made in this course will prove invaluable.
  J. Skerry III
Sarasota County Sheriff's Office
"The overall course was excellent. I really enjoyed the course and it was a good learning experience. Mr. Gundry is an excellent speaker and I would enjoy attending one of his courses in person. I am looking forward to future classes with S2 and want to thank you for making these courses available to those of us unable to attend in person. Working overseas in war zones has pushed me to make sure I am aware of as much as possible around me. Again, Thank You.
  S. Leary
Myrmidon International LLC
"Excellent course! I highly recommend it.
  D. Izquierdo
U.S. Border Patrol/DHS
"As an academic trained and experienced in conflict management on a global scale, I found the ATO course to be highly relevant to the work I am involved in since it examines best practices in preventing and/or responding to conflict but, in this case, actual violent physical conflict between one or more parties. All in all, I found it to be very thorough, thought-provoking and engaging on both the theoretical and practical levels, and highly recommend it to all security-related professionals interested in the subject of anti-terrorism.
  Dr. Michael Oehler, Tokyo, Japan
"I liked how the course was structured. It allows for a continual growth of information about the subject of the Anti-Terrorism Officer. I found the course very informative and would recommend it to anyone in any kind of security field.
  W. Miller
ITT Ind. - US Army Contractor, Iraq
"This is a very rich course. I really recommend for all persons who are interested in this area.
  Lt. Col. R. Carvalho
Head of Aviation Security Division, Brazilian Civil Aviation
"Excellent content and professionally delivered.
  MAJ J. Ankabrandt
U.S. Air Force
"10/10...Excellent Program.
  J. Feiser
193 Special Operations WIng, USAF
"Very professional and complete. A great enhancement of knowledge base.
  LTC J. Rider
U.S. Army
"A couple of days ago I completed your ATO Online course. I wanted to congratulate and strongly encourage you to continue to raise the bar. As a former protective services professional and now an emergency physician, my job responsibilities require continuous and active education and training and I must say that your ATO course is one, if not the best online course I have ever taken. I found Mr. Craig Gundry to be an extremely knowledgeable and charismatic instructor. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in such an amazing class.
  Dr. A. Baez, MSc, EMT-P
Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
"I think this course is really excellent. I have been involved in AT matters for a number of years, however, I found many new and valuable insights.
  J. Dos Santos
IBM Pacific Asia
"I thought that the course was outstanding. I had previous training from the military on multiple levels, but this went much more in depth. I recommend this course to anyone in the field.
  S. Scarcliff
U.S. Army
"Very well written and presented. I would recommend this course of study to anyone wanting to further their knowledge in regards to terrorism.
  W. S. Holmes
U.S. Department of Treasury, U.S. Mint
"This is by far one of the most interesting anti-terrorism courses that I have had the opportunity of taking. It contained much material not covered in many of the other courses.
  B. Wright
New World Restaurant Group
"Very professional. Though I come from an academic background, I found it quite relevant to what I am doing: insuring terrorism risk.
  A. Singh
Glasgow Caledonian University
"I took the online Anti-Terrorism Officer (ATO) course last year. Best presentation for an online course I have seen and the content was comprehensive and expertly delivered by Craig Gundry...Looking forward to more courses coming available online from S2. Great site.
  A.J. (Posted in review thread on tacticalforums.com)
"Mr. Gundry's presentation is truly outstanding. This program far exceeded my expectations and offered far more detailed information than all previous training taken on this subject matter.
  W. C. Whitney
OSI Operations
"This is the first time I've taken online courses, and I chose this as one of three to begin with. I have to say, this is a significantly more enjoyable format to learn in when compared to the others. I was quite impressed by the content, the additional video footage embedded in the lessons, and the visuals provided on each slide. I was not expecting to learn all that much in an online setting. This course has definately changed my perception of online learning.
  J. Vogel
J3 Security Solutions, LLC
"The course material was well presented and exceed my expectations in every way. Mr.Gundry's performance as an instructor along with his experience and real world case studies really made an impression...I highly recommend this course material for all federal entities.
  R. Williams
U.S. Army
"Excellent information. Very intense. Would have loved to be able to take it in person.
  A. Clarke
Mercury Radio Arts
"I found the course material and presentation to be highly informative. The knowledge used will be beneficial for growth in my career field. I would recommend the course to all law enforcement/ security personnel as well as military members.
  Sgt. J. Crokett
DoD/Ft Belvoir Police
"The course was very informative and was presented in a way that keeps the student interested and eager to learn more. The instructor clearly has deep knowledge of the subject material and is able to effectively provide historical examples of where various acts of terrorism have been committed.
  K. Pritchard
"Excellent presentation of real world material!!!
  T. Demaio
U.S. Army
"I was very impressed with the course. This was my first experience with Distance Education via Video Streaming, and I was surprised at how well it compares to sitting in a classroom experience. Look forward to enjoying more education with S2. Well done.
  J. Nagy
IBM Australia
"Excellent interface design and instruction. Information is presented in a building-block design that enables the student to build upon previous lessons.
  A. McCallum
University of British Columbia
"Excellent Course Material and Presentations!
  J. Williams
County of Adams Security
"This was an exceptionally high quality course containing a tremendous amount of practical information. I would highly recommend this course. The value is exceptional.
  J. Choate
Jaffrey Police Dept
"Really excellent. A lot of practical advice that one can use in one's everyday work. Excellent.
  J. Perois
Dolphin Energy Ltd.
"I thought that the course materials and additional handouts provided with the course were extemely well put together and will be useful long after completing the certification examination. In addition, the instructor was very knowledgeable of AT/FP principles and presented the information in a clear and concise manner. This course was well worth the time and money invested.
  (Name Withheld by Request)
Booz Allen Hamilton
"I've attended many WMD and terror awareness classes. This online course was much more informative and detailed. Although this course is geared toward security personnel, as a member of the emergency management community, I highly recommend it to all. You can't have a more knowledgable instructor.
  K. Proskura
Somerset County NJ Emergency Management
"I thought the course was very informative and presented in a very accessible fashion. I would gladly suggest to my co-workers that they take any course Mr. Gundry teaches.
  M. Grossbard
Lenoir City Police Department
"Very knowledable instructor A+++. I have taken many courses pertaining to MARSEC. This course geared mainly to HS and security personnel is well above average. I highly recommend it.
  R. Cullinan
"I found the streaming video to be very effective for my style of learning. Excellent Course.
  L Parker
Marathon Oil
"Very professional.
  N. Glover
WSI/GSA Security
"Very practical in context and the application to various facilities.
  M. Gibbons
Consultant, Honor Security Services
"A wealth of knowledge and very well presented.
  M. Hammes
U.S. Navy
"The course contained good material and was well presented. Mr. Gundry is an excellent speaker and has commanding knowledge of the course curriculum.
  T. Jordan
America West Airlines
"My overall impression of this course can easily be summed up in one word…outstanding!!! Not only was the instruction delivered in such a way as to make me feel the “classroom environment,” it contained relevant and in-depth material that will prove extremely valuable in combating terrorism.
  R. Russell
Executive Security International
"Well presented, good information. The combination of the slide presentation and the instructor video gives a reasonable fascimile of a classroom environment. I find this far superior to the simple slide show type presentation. Most people are familiar with classroom instruction and that familiarity should provide a comfortable learning arena.
  R. Leone
MSCFE, U.S. Navy
"It's a excellent course with good combination of tactics and knowledge. I highly recommend the course.
  M. Nilsson
Civil Aviation, Sweden
"Excellent course!
  D. Allen
Dayton Art Institute
"I would recomend this program to every serious Security Professional who wishes to take their career to the next level!
  S. Mitchell
Security Forces
"Excellent in every way; This course has answered many questions for me and confirmed that my own idea of a secure site is on track.
  J. Hubbard
U.S. Embassy [Location Witheld]
"Very well presented, with clear examples. The structure made it easy to follow and refer to. Mr. Gundry obviously knows what he is talking about and can present material very well. He spoke clearly and gave real world examples as well as personal opinions on different school of thoughts. Very good.
  F. Lahner
CSSD/SC Germany / LAHNER- Tactical Training
"Good information in compelling format. Should be required course for all D and C license holders (security and bodyguards/Private Investigators in Florida).
  N. Spill
NHS Inc.
"This is a really good course and it provides a lot of very useful information about anti-terrorism issues. I would recommend it to others because it is very educational.
  R. W. Calvert
Department of National Defense, Canada
"Fantastic, very informative.
  N. Wyborn
Group 1 Security Pty Ltd
"Good review! Overall, I felt that the course was well designed and presented accordingly.
  C. Baldwin
"The course was excellent overall. It is obvious that much attention has been placed on making the distance learning method as effective as possible. I have taken a number of courses online through various schools and none have provided the level of interaction that you have. I hope you will continue to increase your course catalog. As someone who is deployed in the GWOT I feel this is an excellent opportunity to expand my mental tool box while I am away instead of trying to cram education in to the little time I have for leave at the expense of my family time.
  M. Griffin
Global Operations Resources Group
"OUTSTANDING and very thorough. Although the information is very in depth and complex, Craig Gundry is an excellent teacher that from his own past experiences, can present the material to any stage, regardless of the students past level of experience, to ensure a full understanding of the course materials. I would definitely recommend this course and any course of training by Mr Gundry a must take and well worth the small investment to keep yourself and others from harms way.
  F. Shaw
"Awesome Course. One of the best I have ever taken in regards to Anti-terrorism and Security.
  J. Ceja Jr.
Allied-Barton Security Services
"Exceptional course.
  C. Spence
Vanderburgh County Sheriff Office
"One of the better courses I have taken over the years. Craig Gundry really gave a great presentation and kept my attention the whole time. I'd recommend the course to any Security Professional.
  J. Robert
Pinkerton Government Services
"Excellent material and presentation.
  T. Hussain
Al Manal Security, L.L.C.
"Very good. Lots of good information and a good way of learning.
  T. McCurdy
"The course was very well prepared in regards to managing concepts, and presentation of the concepts which are important to officers with anti-terrorism assignments.
  M. Kuhn
Cherokee County CID
"This is the best presentation of instructional materials I have ever encountered. Craig is well versed as an SME and delivers the message clearly.
  J. Larsen
3TEX, Inc.
"I am very impressed with the amount of detail and the amount of protocal that the S2 institute has been keen on. Learning about the enemy is just as important as our response to a terrorist attack. That is something that was reiterated over and over again within the community of anti-terrorism. And they just didnt touch base with the factor of the recognition of any type of organization, but the reactive strategy plan to each individual organization.
  B. Morelli
"This was one of the most intense and informative class I have taken.
  C. Swann
"Great stuff. Presentation was of high standard. Mr. Gundry is highly educated and very experienced in the subject matter.I personally give thanks to S2 and CIS for the opportunity. Thank You!
  F. Gaspar
Customs Anti-Narcotic Unit
"Sound and broad coverage on all aspects of terrorism.
  M. Clayton
New Zealand Police
"Awesome presentation. Took a lot of material and brought it all together in a very organized manner. I'm already looking forward to signing up for another online class.
  G. Hutchinson
U.S. Army
"Sound and broad coverage on all aspects of terrorism.
  M. Clayton
New Zealand Police
"Awesome presentation. Took a lot of material and brought it all together in a very organized manner. I'm already looking forward to signing up for another online class.
  G. Hutchinson
Sunnyside Fire Dept.
"Very well told and explained.
  M. J van der Zeijden
Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
"I thought the lessons were very insightful. I feel that if I was put into a real world situation, I could use the skills I learned here to good use.
  C. Vanterpool
"Very helpful in every way. There was so much useful information, and the instructor had real life experiences with situations which brought reality to the lessons.
  J. Alvarez
Broward County Sheriffs Office
"This course was a great foundation or refresher to build upon awareness, mitigation, and response to terrorist acts. The course was well worth the time.
  D. Brown
Los Angeles Police Department
"A good course. A must do for all corporate/industrial security managers.
  M. Yadav
Cairn India Ltd
"Tthis is a good course that will improve my knowledge and understanding in terrorism together with my security backgound experience and career.
  J. Tanimola
Kellogg Brown and Root
"I am very pleased with the information that was provided in this course. I have 20 years in the military, all in the demolition field, and still learned more from the explosive device portion of the course. The class was well put together and easy to follow. I would recommend this course for others to learn from.
  R. Fox
"The information provided was very informative. The instructor in the course was to the point and the spoke with much enthusiasim.
  W. Wong
San Francisco International Airport
"I was very impressed with the knowledge that I was able to get out of this course. Even though I am not on the ATO side of our company, the policy and procedures are very effective for use in the work I do perform.
  C. Morales-Davis II
"Very easy to follow with interesting and applicable examples. A very useful instructional tool.
  J. Deplitch
"My first course into a field I wish to specialize in. Excellent presentations.
  B. Walter
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
"Course is well presented, video with slides allows it to be user freindly.
  R. Smith
Fluor Corp.
"The S2 Anti-Terrorism Officer course is one of the best security related courses I have taken. Mr. Gundry is a fantasic instructor with the ability to deliver information in a way that is easy to understand. I recommend this course to all!!
  K. Schaefer, CPO, CHS-III
Allied-Barton Security Services
"Very precise, good information, useful.
  K. Zerkowitz
"Excellent! Well done, clear info, no lost time around the subject!
  C. Benedic
SeaHawk North America
"If you need to know about possible terrorist attacks and what you can do to thwart, minimize or mitigate an attack, this is the course you need to take.
  W. Shelton, CPS, EMT, DMT
"I was very impressed with this course.
  P. Castello
Securcorp Tactical Response Inc.
"The course is very interesting and the way of presentation (video plus slides) is very useful. I found important the notes slides attached to every lesson. Topics have been well chosen to gave an overall idea of ATO functions.
  Capt. T. Diamanti
Italian Army
"Good quality, well presented course.
  C. Soos, J.D.
East Amwell OEM
"This is a very enlightening and informative class. I recomend it to any Police professionals.
  C. Stewart
Westfall Township Police Dept
"Excellent course! I was unsure of what it would contain, however I found it a very solid basic course and a good introduction for those entering this position.
  J. Thurber
US Coast Guard
"I found this to be a very useful basic course for anyone beginning or considering a career in site and personal security. It lays a good foundation on which to build the skill sets required to survive and suceed in high threat environments.
  R. Wilson
U.S. Department of State
"The course was very well taught, Mr Gundry is one of the best anti-terrorism experts in the country.
  D. Jordan
U.S. Army
"The ATO course was excellent in its presentation as well as the information itself and dispelled many myths in the "security industry".
  T. Forman
"The Instructor obviously has an immense mount of knowledge and experience in the field. He makes everything clear and easy to understand.
  J. Slabbert
Al-Rushaid Investment Co
"After reviewing the materials I was able to identify a best practice scenario and develop my mindset to utilize this information as a guideline and resource for decision making in the future. Now I will be able to place tactical knowledge more accordingly.
  R. Michalak
St. Lucie Power Plant
"This is my first on line course so it is difficult to give an accurate satisfaction rating. However it is excellent and should be taken by everyone in the safety and security industry, including NGO/NPO's.
  A. Powers
United Nations
"I thought that the course was outstanding. I had previous training from the military on multiple levels, but this went much more in depth. I recommend this course to anyone in the field.
  S. Scarcliff
Co B, 131 AVN

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Average Student Rating:
212 students rate this course:



Restriction Level:
Level 2 - Verified Security Professionals & Law Enforcement Only

Security Supervisors, Security Officers, Force Protection Personnel, Police Officers Assigned to Anti-Terrorism Activities

Expected Completion Time:
18-20 hours

50 questions, multiple-choice

System Requirements:
PC: Windows 98 or above
Macintosh: OS X or above
Linux: Flash 7 browser plugin & accelerated X
Browser capable of supporting Flash Player 7 Macromedia Flash Player 7 or later - Click here to get the latest version of Flash Player.
128 MB RAM
Pentium III 600 MHz or faster processor / OR Mac G4 600 MHz or faster Audio capability
High speed Internet - ADSL, Cable, T1+ (>=512 kBps)

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