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Suicide Terrorism: Online

Since the early 1980s, the use of suicide terrorist tactics has expanded far beyond the Middle-East and Sri Lanka into a global phenomenon. In this five-hour course, Israeli terrorism expert Howard Linett explores the tactical and strategic dimensions of suicide terrorism and approaches for minimizing the risk from security and public safety perspectives.

Topics include:

Suicide Terrorism Strategy • Dynamics of Suicide Terrorist Attacks • IED Methods • Identification of Suicide Bombers • Tactical Response • Post-Incident Issues • Post-Incident Response


This Internet-based training program includes the following S2 Online Academy lessons:

No. Lesson ID Lesson Title Presentation Time
1 ATR 104 Suicide Terrorism Awareness 1h 47m
2 ATR 222 Suicide Terrorism: Operational Issues 2h 24m
3 ATR 223 Suicide Terrorism: Command 37m 38s

Total completion time for this course is approximately 5 Hours.

Testing And Documentation

The final exam for this course is administered online as a 20-question multiple-choice test. Upon completion of the test, the score is automatically graded and documented in the student's "My Courses" transcript (accessible from the "My Account" page). In accordance with S2 Online course policy, the student must complete the online test with a passing score of 80% or better to receive a Certificate of Training. If the student does not pass the test the first time, the student has one opportunity to re-test.

Student Comments

"This course was an excellent explanation of the dynamics of homicide/suicide attacks and the response to the same.
  T. Forman
"One word - Excellent
  S. Riccitelli
Sikorsky Aircraft Security Department
"Exceptional and thorough presentation.
  C, Spence
Vanderburgh County Sheriff Office
"It was very interesting to learn how they coach & convince the suicide terrorists, and also the trend using female suicide terrorists.
  J. Hayes
"Outstanding course!!!
  J. Rector

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Average Student Rating:
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Restriction Level:
Level 2 - Verified Security Professionals & Law Enforcement Only

Intelligence Personnel, Security Supervisors, Security Officers, Force Protection Personnel, Police Officers Assigned to Anti-Terrorism Activities

Expected Completion Time:
5 Hours

20 questions, multiple-choice

System Requirements:
PC: Windows 98 or above
Macintosh: OS X or above
Linux: Flash 7 browser plugin & accelerated X
Browser capable of supporting Flash Player 7 Macromedia Flash Player 7 or later - Click here to get the latest version of Flash Player.
128 MB RAM
Pentium III 600 MHz or faster processor / OR Mac G4 600 MHz or faster Audio capability
High speed Internet - ADSL, Cable, T1+ (>=512 kBps)

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