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Express Identity Verification for U.S. Government Users

Due to the tight controls maintained by the United States Government on .gov and .mil address domains, U.S. Government personnel with official email addresses may bypass our standard security and identity verification process.

Government personnel with .gov and .mil email addresses should register as site users by using their official email address (with .gov or .mil domain suffix). Our user registration system will recognize the suffix and send an automatic email message to the user to verify the legitimacy of the government address. The newly registered user should then submit a reply email confirming receipt of our automatic email message. Once our system receives the user's reply message, the government user is automatically granted a Course Access Level of 3 (U.S. Government Personnel Only).

You must register with your .gov or .mil email address to activate this process.

There is no charge for identity verification through our express system for U.S. Government personnel.