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Wallace Braden
Adjunct Instructor

Mr. Braden has been involved with military and civilian emergency management for over 25 years, and has been teaching disaster and CBRNE related survival and consequence management procedures since 1986.

A recognized subject matter expert within the USAF Disaster Preparedness / Emergency Management community. Mr. Braden has survived, responded to or helped recover from almost every form of natural or man made disaster imaginable.

In May 2003, Mr. Braden survived an armed assault and suicide bombing by Al Qaeda terrorists at the Dorrat al Jadawel compound in Riyadh. A former Emergency Medical Technician, he assisted with mass casualties (8 dead, 100+ wounded). In the aftermath, he was appointed as the Director of Emergency Services at Jadawel, and helped organize the response and recovery efforts, while dealing with multiple threats and preparing for the possibility of a follow on attack.

Mr. Braden is a frequently requested anti-terrorism guest speaker at many DoD agencies, including the "Dynamics of International Terrorism" course at the Joint Special Operations University at Hurlburt Field, and is an Adjunct Instructor for the Office of Domestic Preparedness' Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings Course at New Mexico Tech's Energetic Materials Research & Testing Center (EMRTC) in Socorro NM.
He is the co-author & leading developer for "Emergency Response Operations" a computer based distributed learning program now being used to train US Air Force emergency responders and Emergency Operations Center staffs worldwide.

As an American Red Cross disaster volunteer, Mr. Braden served as the ESF 6 Director of Mass Care operations at the Bay County Emergency Operations Center in Panama City, Florida during Hurricane Ivan in 2004 and Hurricane dennis in 2005.

Retired from active duty in 2000, Mr. Braden has been a senior advisor for the Royal Saudi Air Force Headquarters, Directorate for Protection Against WMD, in Riyadh, KSA.  He served as the CBRN Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration Coordinator for the Air Force Civil Engineer Support Agency (AFCESA) at Tyndall AFB, Florida from 2003-2006 and is currently on assignment as a military support contractor in the Philippines.