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James R. Davis
Adjunct Instructor

James R. Davis is the S2 Institute's lead instructor for critical incident management and advanced criminology. Mr. Davis joins the S2 Institute with over thirty years of experience in law enforcement. During his extensive career, Mr. Davis has served in positions including Deputy Sheriff, State Investigator, Criminologist, adjunct college professor, and Administrative Deputy Chief, Advanced Field Training, State of California.

As an expert on police field operations and critical incident management, Mr. Davis has provided consulting and training to over 400 police agencies nationwide, plus U.S. Government agencies including FEMA and USAID. As an instructor, Mr. Davis has trained over 250,000 police officers over the past two decades in advanced law enforcement tactics.

Mr. Davis holds several undergraduate and graduate degrees related to criminology and is Taft Fellow for Government for the University of California. Mr. Davis is also the author of 4 books and over 40 magazine articles on criminology, domestic terrorism, and law enforcement operations.

For valor in the line of duty, Mr. Davis is a recipient of the Merit for Heroism from the State of California.