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ATR 203 Threat: Chemical & Biological Terrorism

Presented By: Craig S. Gundry, CPS, CHS-III

Presentation Time: 2 Hours 7s

Restriction Level: 2 (Verified Security & Law Enforcement)
ATR 203, "Threat: Chemical & Biological Terrorism", is a detailed examination of the terrorist use of chemical and biological agents. In this two-hour lesson, the instructor demystifies the threat of chemical and biological terrorism and provides a thorough survey of the types of agents that terrorists may employ in attacks and the spectrum of methods used by terrorists in attacking facilities with CB agents.
Common Assumptions About CB Terrorism
Advantages of CB Agents
CB Terrorist Adversaries
Routes of Exposure
Basic Dose Concepts
Chemical Agents
    Nerve Agents
    Vesicant Agents
    Choking Agents
    Blood Agents
    Incapacitating Agents
    Toxic Industrial Chemicals
Agents of Biological Origin (ABOs)
    Living ABOs
    Non-Living ABOs
Dissemination of CB Agents
    Splash/Impact Scatter
    Contaminated Consumables
    Contaminated Non-Consumables
CB Employment Scenarios
    On-Target Facility Attacks
        Point Source Contamination
            HVAC Attacks
            Water System Attacks
            Food & Beverage Opportunities
            IDD Attacks
            Contaminated Deliveries
    Off-Target Facility Attacks
        Point Source Contamination
        Outdoor Aerosol/Vapor Attacks
        Projected Charge Weapons