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ATR 205 Protective Counterintelligence & OPSEC

Presented By: Craig S. Gundry, CPS, CHS-III

Presentation Time: 1 Hour 34 Minutes

Restriction Level: 2 (Verified Security & Law Enforcement)
ATR 205, "Protective Counterintelligence & OPSEC", examines the unique methods used by terrorists to gather target intelligence and effective countermeasures for impeding and detecting intelligence collection. This lesson also addresses the statutory definition of Security Sensitive Information (SSI) and proper methods for managing SSI at port facilities.
Terrorist Intelligence Requirements (IR)
    Terrorist Intelligence Collection Methods
        Complexity of Intelligence Requirements
    Protective Counterintelligence & OPSEC
        Information Security
            Security Sensitive Information (SSI)
        Employee/Contractor Screening & Monitoring
            Background Investigation Flags
            Human Intelligence Indicators
            Surveillance Detection Guidelines
        Suspicious Activity Investigation
            Suspicious Telephone Inquiries
            Possible On-Site Reconnaissance
            Possible Off-Site Surveillance
            Possible Elicitation Contacts
            Recruitment Approaches
            Theft of Company ID Cards, Company Vehicle Stickers, etc.
        Suspicious Activity Reporting & Analysis
            Model: SATAS (Suspicious Activity Tracking & Analysis System)