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ATR 206 Physical Security & Access Control (ATO)

Presented By: Craig S. Gundry, CPS, CHS-III

Presentation Time: 1 Hour 56 Minutes

Restriction Level: 2 (Verified Security & Law Enforcement)
ATR 206, "Physical Security & Access Control (ATO)", provides anti-terrorism students with an understanding of the measures used to protect facilities against overt, covert, and deceptive entry attacks. Emphasis in this lesson is placed on performance-oriented system design as an essential element in preventing attacks by determined and highly capable adversaries.
    Physical Security Theory
        Physical Security System Functions
        Integrated Systems
        Performance Definition
        Common Design Flaws
        System Design Guidelines
    Physical Security Components
        Intrusion Detection Systems
        Area Surveillance
            Stationary Posts
            Mobile Patrols
            Intrusion Indicators
            Bomb Delivery Indicators
        Conventional Barriers
            Delay Time
            Barrier System Design
        Vehicle Barriers
            Kinetic Energy
            Vehicle Barrier System Design
        Vehicle Entry Points
            Entry Point Design
            Active Barriers
    Access Control
        Planning Considerations
        Types of Entrants
        Entrant Identification
        Access Screening Technologies
            X-Ray Based Technologies
            Explosive Trace Detection
            Nuclear Detection
            Explosive Detection Canines
    Additional Proactive Security Issues
        Limited Concealment Opportunities
            Projected Charge Weapon Dynamics
            Obscuration Options
        Point Source Protection
            Physical Security for Possible Contamination Points
            Cafeteria and Break Room Countermeasures
            Water Filtration
            Air Filtration