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SEC 111 Bomb Threat Management

Presented By: Craig S. Gundry, CPS, CHS-III

Presentation Time: 2 Hours 13 Minutes

Restriction Level: 1 (Open to the Public)
SEC 111, "Bomb Threat Management", examines the problem of terrorist and criminal bomb threats and safe and commonsense strategies for respondng to bomb threat situations.
Bomb Threats: The Problem
    Malevolent Bomb Threat Strategies
Planning Considerations
Roles & Responsibilities
Managing Threat Calls
    Receptionist Training
    Assessing Threat Credibility
Incident Command Point (ICP) Establishment
    ICP Kit
Searches & Evacuation
    Search Options
        Security Team Search Approach
        Employee Work Area Search Approach
        Police-Assisted Search
    Search Safety
Response Guidelines
Security Team Search Approach
    Model Procedure
    Chain of Communications
    Response to Suspicious Object
Employee Work Area Approach
    Model Procedure
    Chain of Communications
    Response to Suspicious Object
Bomb Threats and The Real World