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ATR 103 Characteristics of Terrorism Related Risk

Presented By: Craig S. Gundry, CPS, CHS-III

Presentation Time: 2 Hours 22 Minutes

Restriction Level: 1 (Open to the Public)
ATR 103, "Characteristics of Terrorism Related Risk", provides students with an understanding of the characteristics of terrorist adversaries and various categories of terrorism related risk.
What is terrorism?
Ideologies of Contemporary Terrorists
Strategic Objectives of Terrorism
Terrorist Target Selection Criteria
    EXERCISE 1: Target Attractiveness Assessment
Categories of Terrorism Related Risk
    Explosive Attacks
        Explosive Attacks Scenarios
        Potential Consequences
        Potential Consequences
    Armed Assault
        Potential Consequences
    Arson Attacks
        Potential Consequences
    Chemical, Biological, & Radiological Terrorism
        Common Assumptions about CB Terrorism
        Chemical Attacks
        Biological Attacks
        Radiological Terrorism
        Facility CB Attack Scenarios
        Potential Consequences
    Nuclear Terrorism
        Potential Consequences
        Potential Consequences
Terrorist Attack Process
Facts to Remember About Terrorism Related Risk