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ATR 214 Assessing Terrorism Related Risk - Part 1

Presented By: Craig S. Gundry, CPS, CHS-III

Presentation Time: 2 Hours 12 Minutes

Restriction Level: 2 (Verified Security & Law Enforcement)
ATR 214, "Assessing Terrorism Related Risk - Part 1", provides students with a detailed step-by-step examination of the risk assessment process focusing on terrorism-related issues. This lesson uses a variety of exercises to aid students in understanding the process of risk assessment and how to apply risk management principles in practical anti-terorrism planning.

NOTE: Lesson ATR214 is Part One of a two-part lesson and should be followed by completion of lesson ATR215.
Basic Qualitative Risk Assessment Model
Guidelines for Conducting Assessments
Step One: Asset Asessment
    Asset Identification
    Identification of Undesirable Events
    EXERCISE 2: Asset Identification
    Asset Valuation
    EXERCISE 3: Creating a Criticality Rating Criteria
Step Two: Threat Assessment
    Adversary Identification
    EXERCISE 4: Adversary Identification
    Adversary Assessment
        Information Sources
    EXERCISE 5: Adversary Assessment for Al-Qaeda
    Risk Identification
    Design Basis Threats
    Threat Scenario Development
    EXERCISE 6: Threat Scenarios
    Threat Probability Valuation
    EXERCISE 7: Develop a Threat Probability Rating Criteria
Lesson Part 1 Summary