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LEO 102 Advanced Patrol & Officer Survival

Presented By: James R. Davis

Presentation Time: 2 Hours 44 Minutes

Restriction Level: 1 (Open to the Public)
LEO 102, "Advanced Patrol & Officer Survival", In surveys the risks of police patrol work and provides students with important advice and tips for safely responding to dangerous situations and avoiding fatal mistakes often made by officers in the field.
Officer Fatalities
    What Really Kills Police Officers
    Case Studies
Pre-Incident Indicators
Failures Leading to Officer Homicides
First Response Officer Tactics
    Domestic Disturbances
    Felony Traffic Stops
    Barricaded Subjects
    Protracted Events
        Tactical Reconnaissance
        Entry Tactics
        Officer Rescue & Victim Recovery
        Subject Surrender & Arrest
    Managing Intoxicated Subjects
    Violent Subject Control
    Physical & Psychological Preparation