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WMD 204 Chemical & Biological Delivery Systems

Presented By: Harvey J. McGeorge, CPP

Presentation Time: 1 Hour 58 Minutes

Restriction Level: 3 (U.S. Government Only)
WMD 204, "Chemical & Biological Delivery Systems", explores the various conventional and unconventional weapon systems used for the delivery of chemical and biological agents. This lesson also explores the critical relationship between doctrine and the design of CB munitions and delivery systems.
Introduction to Delivery Systems
Target Types & Delivery Systems
Aircraft Delivery
    Types of Aircraft & Delivery Options
    Bulk Filled Bombs
    Spray Bombs
    Pop-Up Functioning Munitions
    Submunition Systems
        Binary Submunitions
        Pattern Density Concepts
        Cluster Bombs
            Dispenser Impact Patterns
    Aircraft Spray Tanks
        Spray Tanks & UAVs
    Air-to-Surface Rockets & Missiles
    Aircraft Gun Systems
Land & Naval Artillery Systems
    Relationship of Doctrine & Munition Design
    Artillery Cluster Projectiles
    Artillery Flechette Projectile
    Artillery Rockets
        Bulk Agent Warheads
        Cluster Warheads
        Spray Warheads
Special Operations Applications
    Small Arms & Ammunition
    Aerosol Generators & Terrain Contamination Devices
    Special Operations Rockets
    Novel Special Operations Dissemination Devices
Naval Force Applications
    Relationship to Land Systems
    Floating Spray Devices
Balloon Delivery
Infantry Systems
    Hand & Rifle Grenades
    Smoke Generators