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WMD 305 Filling & Storage of CB Munitions

Presented By: Harvey J. McGeorge, CPP

Presentation Time: 39 Minutes 54s

Restriction Level: 3 (U.S. Government Only)
WMD 305, "Filling & Storage of CB Munitions", provides an overview of technology used for filling chemical and biological munitions and issues affecting CB weapons storage. This lesson also profiles the Iraqi Muthana filling facility as an example of how filling operations may be conducted in countries other than the US.
Munitions Filling Concepts
Physical Forms of Explosives, Chemicals, & Biological Agents
Munition Filling Techniques
    Pouring Methods
    Pump Filling Techniques
    Vacuum Filling Techniques
Muthana Chemical Filling
Munition Storage
    Agent Characteristics & Storage
    Local Practices