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WMD 201 Characteristics of Chemical & Biological Agents

Presented By: Harvey J. McGeorge, CPP

Presentation Time: 3 Hours 34 Minutes

Restriction Level: 3 (U.S. Government Only)
WMD 201, "Characteristics of Chemical & Biological Agents", provides a detailed examination of potential chemical and biological agents and characteristics of agents that may influence agent employment and effects.
Introduction to CB Agents
Why Use CB Agents?
Requisite Characteristics of CB Agents
Routes of Exposure
Dose Concepts
Chemical Agents
    Unitary vs Binary
        Nerve Agents
        Blistering Agents
        Choking Agents
        Blood Agents
        Incapacitating Agents
            Sensory Irritants
Biological Agents
    Physical Forms & Size
        Staphylococcal Enterotoxin B
Agents Previously Used by Terrorists
Important Characteristics of Agents
        Duration of Effect
        Dissemination Factors
        Physical State
        Stability in Storage
        Aerosol Decay Rate