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WMD 202 Dissemination & Delivery of CB Agents

Presented By: Harvey J. McGeorge, CPP

Presentation Time: 2 Hours 28 Minutes

Restriction Level: 3 (U.S. Government Only)
WMD 202, "Dissemination & Delivery of CB Agents", explores various methods used for disseminating chemical and biological agents and techniques for employing CB agents against various types of targets.
Basic Weaponization Concepts
Dissemination Techniques
        Source Strength Factors
        Dissemination Efficiency
        Explosively Generated Aerosols
            Dissemination Efficiencies
        Thermally Generated Aerosols
            Cold Gas Expulsion
            Hot Gas Expulsion
        Air Blast Atomization
        Spray Aerosols
            Single-Fluid Nozzle Designs
            Two-Fluid Nozzle Designs
        Air Turbulence Aerosols
    Splash & Impact Scatter
    Insect Vectors
    Contaminated Consumables
    Contaminated Non-Consumables
CB Employment Concepts
    Target Characteristics
    Type of Delivery
    Targets & Selected Attack Options
    Why Do Chem-Bio Attacks Often Fail?