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WMD 312 Chem-Bio Threat Evaluation

Presented By: Harvey J. McGeorge, CPP

Presentation Time: 1 Hour 15 Minutes

Restriction Level: 2 (Verified Security & Law Enforcement)
WMD 312, "Chem-Bio Threat Evaluation", provides a detailed analysis of the domestic chem-bio threat based on a study of 404 non-military incidents documented in the Chemical and Agents of Biological Origin database. This lesson is specifically designed to give students a comprehensive understanding of the characteristics of non-state CB adversaries and CB incidents based on actual historical data.
Analytical Process
Summary of Findings
        Specific Agents Employed in Three of More Incidents
    Dissemination Techniques
    Perperator Characteristics
        Dedication & Discipline
        Group Size
        Access to Information About Target
        Technical Knowledge
        Access to Specialized Materials & Equipment
        Load Bearing Capability
        Workshop & Engineering Skills
        Security & Tactical Skills
    Incident Venue
    Logistics Required
    Adversary Actions & Material Selected
    Costs Associated With CB Events
    Success of CB Events
Factors that Influence Outcome
Minimum Perpetrator Capabilities for Success