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WMD 322 Chem-Bio Munitions Inspection Technology

Presented By: Harvey J. McGeorge, CPP

Presentation Time: 1 Hour 14 Minutes

Restriction Level: 2 (Verified Security & Law Enforcement)
WMD 322, "Chem-Bio Munitions Inspection Technology", provides a description of the field inspection technology used by weapons inspectors during the 2003 UNMOVIC mission in Iraq. This lesson also provides future weapons inspectors and EOD experts with advice on best utilization of various technologies based on the experience of the UNMOVIC team.
Munitions Inspection Equipment
Concept for Integrated Use
Ultrasonic Pulsed Echo (UPE)
    UPE Data Interpretation
    QFT 1 and 2
    UPE Operational Limitations
    UPE Practical Applications
    Management Considerations: UPE
X-Ray Inspection Systems
    FoXray II Portable X-Ray System
    Examples of Imagery
    Limitations of X-Ray Systems
    Management Issues Related to X-Ray
    Alternative Uses For Portable X-ray
MONICA Remote Drilling and Sampling System
    MONICA Drill Unit
    Monica Cutter and Seal
    MONICA Drilling Sequence
    Sampling With MONICA
    Draining Munitions With MONICA
    Managing MONICA
    Alternative Uses for MONICA