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WMD 205 Iraqi Chemical & Biological Munitions

Presented By: Harvey J. McGeorge, CPP

Presentation Time: 1 Hour 13 Minutes

Restriction Level: 3 (U.S. Government Only)
WMD 205, "Iraqi Chemical & Biological Munitions", provides a detailed survey of Iraqi chemical and biological munitions produced prior to Operation Iraqi Freedom. This lesson surveys older Iraqi CB weapons in addition to newly discovered weapons and CB munition designs discovered by UNMOVIC in 2003.
General Characteristics of Iraqi CB Munitions
Evolution of Iraqi BW & CW Muniitons
Iraqi Delivery & Munition Systems
    Surface-to-Surface Rockets & Missiles
        Missile Warhead Designs
        Bulk Agent Bombs
            Fuzes for Iraqi Chemical Bombs
        Cluster Bombs
            Submunitions & Submunition Fuzes
        Spray Tanks
        Helicopter Spray Devices
    Artillery Systems
        Chemical Projectiles & Fuzes
        Chemical Warheads for Rockets & Fuzes